Microsoft introduces Tracking Protection in IE9 to make it even more secure

Microsoft sure has gone all out and geared itself up, to address the security concerns of netizens, while creating the new age browser – Internet Explorer 9. Not only is it safe and secure, it also gives you a beautiful and speedy browsing experience.

Earlier today, we had blogged about a just-released study by NSS lab research, which reported that Internet Explorer is the industry leader in protecting users against malware with Internet Explorer 9 blocking an outstanding 99% and Internet Explorer 8 blocking 90% of it; it has blocked over 1.2 billion malware and phishing attacks through its SmartScreen filter that detects and blocks websites that distribute socially engineered malware and phishing attacks.

In keeping with its focus on innovation with IE9, Microsoft recently announced a new functionality called Tracking Protection.

Tracking Protection advances and demonstrates ‘Privacy by Design’ and provides consumers with more choices to control information about their online activities. It essentially helps you to filter out content in a page that you think may impact your privacy. Also, you can filter out content from any website by using Tracking Protection Lists which are almost like ‘do not call’ lists!

By adding this Tracking Protection List, IE9 prevents your information from being sent out by limiting data requests to the websites in the list and from now on, anyone using IE9 can create a Tracking Protection List to gain control over the information shared outside.

“For a long time, the hottest issue of consumers on the web has been – Security and consumer privacy! Due to the sheer nature of the web, netizens have had little or no control on the threats like malware attacks and misuse of their personal information. But with Internet Explorer 9, consumers can expect a secure and speedy browsing experience,” says Senthilkumar Sundaram, Business Lead for Internet Explorer, Consumer & Online Business, Microsoft India.

You can read more about Tracking Protection here.

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