Microsoft HoloLens will transform Healthcare in these 7 ways

Microsoft started the era of holographic computing with the announcement of HoloLens. This device lets you interact with holograms in your physical environment. You can visit any place you want and do whatever you dreamt of. It unlocks the innovative ways to communicate, work, play and many more. The features of this wearable device can be used in various fields, but now I will let you know how HoloLens can bring a change in Healthcare and improve the patient care by transforming the nursing profession.

Microsoft HoloLens in Healthcare

Microsoft HoloLens Healthcare

Nursing Education

Microsoft HoloLens can help in nursing education by creating the holograms of body parts and organs. It is good to see, than to listen. People of the other side can teach using their tablet or other device, and can draw instructions which appear as holograms in real world. Using Microsoft HoloLens, your friends and colleagues can help you in any task using HoloLens in Skype. In nursing education professors can guide students by drawing and those things appear as holograms on students’ lens.

Disaster Training

Using Microsoft HoloLens, nurses can get trained on the medical practices to be followed during any disaster. Taking NASA as inspiration which is using HoloLens to explore the surface of MARS, nurses can use HoloLens for medical practice to be followed at the time of Tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and plane crashes. Using augmented reality, nurses can get connected with the possible disaster scenarios and to get them get awareness of the necessary skills by allowing them to practice in virtual environment.


The way nurses think about Telemedicine totally changes using Microsoft HoloLens. Now, this wearable device will let nurses enter the patient’s environment and can have the most realistic interaction. This will put an end to compartmentalized view of nurse’s and patient’s world.

Emergency Response

In emergency situations, minutes and even seconds matters a lot. HoloLens can make a call to 911, which makes the medical team alert of any emergency situation. Then, using HoloLens clinicians can guide the bystander about first aid till the medical professionals arrive the spot.

Cultivating Understanding

Microsoft HoloLens can be used for self-expressing. This would be most useful for patients to express how they are feeling and healthcare providers can get in to patient’s world and can understand how they are feeling. Thus, HoloLens can help patients express themselves and can be able to collect/share their experience to/from healthcare providers.

Patient Education

HoloLens make the ways of teaching the patient easy and well organized. Now, nurses can let the patient know about future surgeries and can explain them clearly by creating the holograms of medical devices, organs and procedures. Teaching patients using HoloLens has made the job easy.

Personalized Prostheses

3D printing is possible using HoloLens. Even now in the days of improvements in bionic field, traditional techniques like casting and modeling are being used by maximum prosthetists to design new limbs.  Now, HoloLens can be used to design the perfect prosthetic with the actual size which fits the patient’s anatomy.

These are some of the ways HoloLens can be used to improve healthcare. There can be many innovative and useful ways to make most of this holographic computing.

Source: Microsoft.

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