Microsoft hits back at Mozilla claim that IE9 is not a modern browser


  1. The whole “modern browser” argument doesn’t really interest me much. I doubt most users care much. IE’s big weakness imho, is the lack of add-ons which make the browsing experience better.

  2. I agree with TheNigOldDog, modern browsers need to have some flexibility in this matter, Addons, see Chrome for example, how it gained users quickly.

  3. Hey The comments above is a matter of concern but limiting Third-Party addons support makes the browser more secured! Addons can be a loop hole to hackers!
    Note:Only after completing the final version of IE9 microsoft will think about addons. Because using 3rd party addons in a browser which is under development may harm the computer/browser like crashing/freezing. U small guys think before u write!

  4. Vis,

    some add-ons are good, like pop up blockers. IE does not have a good one, making IE open for viruses and such. without ad-ons like that, i would never use IE.

    to make it short, ad-ons are good if chosen right. as for “crashing/freezing”, that is from what was installed from apps, not just ad-ons.

  5. IE comes with its own Smart Screen Protection and Download Reputation scan. IE is as much open to viruses as Chrome or Firefox. And yea, the user also matters, good browser in the hands of a foolish user does not give good results.

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