Microsoft Fetch will tell you the breed of that dog

In case you ever had a doubt on which breed your dog belongs to, Microsoft new app Fetch for iPhone, will provide you an answer. Inspired by the dog itself, Microsoft Fetch can identify and classify dogs by breeds. The apps utility is not just limited to the dogs, but it can also relate to human beings and say which Dog’s breed their personality most resemble to.

Courtesy of the Microsoft innovative lab, Microsoft Garage, Fetch users can make use of images either clicked through their iPhone’s camera or from the library.

Identify dog breed with Microsoft Fetch

Fetch “dog recognition” framework makes use of user experience, machine learning, computer vision and intelligent cloud services. Based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence the app recognizes the closest breed and returns with the answer. To lend a practical approach to breed recognition, expert views and feedback from Dog experts were also taken while the app was in the works.

Using Microsoft Fetch

You can use Microsoft Fetch either through a website, or through your iPhone via iOS app. Let’s put a picture of Chihuahua Puppy (shown below) on the website and analyze.

Portrait of playful Chihuahua puppy

The app returns with the exact matching of the puppy with an equivalent picture and a short description as shown below.


What happens if a picture other than the dog is analyzed

We wanted to test the app and see what results are returned if a random set of pictures (other than dogs) were put to test. Refer below to see our findings.

Here “a flower” was put to analysis and the app returned with a logical message of “No Dogs found”.

Microsoft Fetch

The next in the analysis was the picture of a crow and the app again returned with an answer of “No Dogs Found”.

Microsoft Fetch

The next to the test was Dogs not so familiar companion “Cat”, and the app was not that intelligent this time returning with the closest match of Chihuahua puppy as shown below.

Microsoft Fetch

Using Microsoft Fetch on humans

Although the app isn’t really made for humans, but for fun you can check what is the closest Dog breed your friend belong. In such scenario the match that the app returns could be the laughing point of all the concerned. Here is what Fetch has to say when I tested one of my friends’ photo.

As shown below it returned with Golden Retriever match, I am not sure how much my friend would agree to this. But it is definitely fun!

Microsoft Fetch Identify dog breed


Microsoft Fetch is a simple and fun loving app. The app is still in its early life cycle and Microsoft is asking users to send their feedback on their experience. The only disappointment is that the app is not yet available on other popular operating systems such as Android or Windows 10. Perhaps this could be just around the corner.

You can download Microsoft Fetch free from the Apple App Store.

Since this app too is for iPhone only, Microsoft just offered you another reason to move from Windows Phone to iPhone!

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