Microsoft Display Dock: Turn your Lumia Phone into a Windows 10 PC

While the recent Surface Pro 4 event at Microsoft showcased many amazing Windows 10 devices, one of the head-turners was the new gadget Microsoft Display Dock. The gadget announced with the latest Lumia 950 which can actually turn your Windows 10 Phone into a full-fledged PC. Though the new Lumia 950/950 XL are already powerful Windows 10 Phone, the Microsoft Display Dock makes them even more productive and work efficient.

Microsoft Display DockMicrosoft-Display-Dock

The new gadget launched in the Surface Pro 4 event, will let you enjoy a PC-like experience powered by your Lumia 950 or 950 XL phone. The dock will let the users connect their Windows 10 Phone to a desktop and use external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. With this dock you can enjoy the Windows 10 apps with a convenience of a full size keyboard and a bigger screen. It lets you create a complete PC like environment with just a few connections and be productive with Office apps and Outlook.

While your Lumia 950 is connected to the external monitor and keyboard via display dock, you phone will still be a phone and you can use your phone, go to the Start screen and navigate the apps normally.

The Microsoft Display Dock is a small 25.6 mm long gadget with 64.1 mm of thickness. It comes with a 100 cm long cable and weighs just 230 g. The connectivity options of the Display Dock include 2 USB-C which charge your phone while you are working, 3 USB ports to connect the accessories, DisplayPort, and HDMI Connector.

So basically, you can turn a Monitor, a keyboard and a mouse into a fully featured Windows 10 PC if you have a Lumia 950 Phone and the Microsoft Display Dock.

The price and availability details are not yet announced by the company.

Stay tuned with us to know more updates on this amazing gadget – Microsoft Display Dock.

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  1. Montala

    That Display Dock looks interesting, but will it ‘work’ with any Lumia phone, such as my 640, for example?

  2. FrayxRulez

    Continuum requires new hardware due to high processor use (It’s not just mirroring)

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