Microsoft delivers new features in Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office Web Apps were launched last year which are giving good competition to Google Doc’s. The simplicity and ease of use along with the strong Microsoft Office Users base made it possible for the Microsoft guarantee that Microsoft Office Web Apps. Now Microsoft Office Web Apps are available in around 150+ countries which makes them extremely popular.

Microsoft Office Team has added bunch of new features which have been designed and developed by the active feedback of Office Web Apps users.

Here goes the list of newly added features:

  • Merge and Autofit cells in Excel Web App- Now Excel Web App allows you to merge the cells, the much asked functionality by Excel users. It also autofits your cell size based on your content which is a much needed feature.
  • Print directly from Excel Web App in the browser- The cool feature allows you to directly print from your Excel Web App stored on Sky Drive. It will save your time to download and print as you can directly give the print command. Just click on FILE -> PRINT
  • Right-click menus in Excel Web App- This is one of my favorite features. It doesn’t add anything new in Excel Web App but it gives users like me who love to right click every now and then to work with lot more ease.
  • OneNote Web App Ink display.- There is something to cheer for OneNote fans also. It brings the Ink display feature i.e. now you can write your notes in your own handwriting with the help of  pen-input devices. This is a really cool feature and enhances the OneNote capability.
Apart from these, there have been many under-the-hood improvements, making Office Webs that mish more, faster, stable and more reliable.
Llet us know whether you find these features useful or not – or if you’d like to suggest something more!
New feature in Office Web Apps allows real-time co-authoring and editing from Android tablets.
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    What about open from skydrive in word 2010? what about having a copy of doc document available just in case you don’t have an internet connection available (as google cloud connect has).

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