Microsoft decides to compare Office with

Microsoft has released a set of videos, comparing its Microsoft Office suite with, a freeware alternative to Microsoft Office. It has released a video, A Few Perspectives on, where several customers have shared their experiences with and why they came back to Microsoft Office.

“Microsoft Office is designed to give your people the best productivity experience, help IT be more efficient, and add business value. By choosing Microsoft Office, you’re equipping your business with a dependable set of tools that will help add value to your business, enhance your IT strategy, and strategically support your business today and in the future.

In comparison offers a limited set of productivity tools that don’t deliver the full range of features your users need for the best productivity experience. In addition, lacks the required interoperability, infrastructure, tools, and architecture. So, you risk additional IT complexity that may lead to hidden costs that can negate any license savings.”

Read this brochure released by Microsoft and find out the five things to consider before you rely on

They have also released the following videos:

  • Microsoft Word vs Writer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint vs. Impress
  • Microsoft Excel vs. Calc.

Why did Microsoft suddenly decide to compare itself with

A comment there by shan3 made an interesting read:  “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Another comment by me2l: I always thought MS OFFICE is way better product than, speaking for the masses, but it really felt sad to see MS making this video. I thought MS OFFICE was unshakable, rather it should be worried about competition to Google Docs…all the best to LibreOffice”.

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  1. I don’t understand why anyone’s wondering why Microsoft is suddenly noticing OpenOffice. It’s certainly not because of anything such as what the famous Gandhi quote suggests.

    Rather, simply, now that Oracle owns it (which new ownership was, of course, the proximate cause of most of OpenOffice’s shakers and movers jumping ship and starting-up LibreOffice), Microsoft recognizes that OpenOffice will soon move from being the not-really-a-serious-product of just some bunch of open-source whackjobs, to being something which Oracle will soon be suggesting to its vast userbase should be taken very seriously as a FREE alternative to the outrageous Microsoft site licensing fees.

    It’s one thing when a bunch of “who are these guys, again” open-sourcers make that claim; but it’s another thing, entirely when a huge and serious player like Oracle does.

    Yes, Sun Microsystems made the claim before that, but as someone who’s been in IT, managing primarily Microsoft-based shops for over 30 years, I can tell you that whenever Sun Microsystems made a claim, it was viewed as “those Linux guys” or “those Java guys” talking. And no one in a Microsoft shop ever took THOSE guys seriously.

    But Oracle’s another matter altogether. Oracle’s products are more prominently in Microsoft shops; and both Oracle and its products are taken somewhat more seriously there. So when Oracle starts making the same claims about OpenOffice that Sun Microsystems once made, cash-strapped and budget-constrained IT managers are going to give it a second look…

    …and Microsoft knows it. So THAT’s why Microsoft is making a pre-emptive strike.

    Because of the situation being as I’ve just described, by the way, I’ve always felt that the LibreOffice folks have, in a way, played right in to the perception… and so have actually hurt their cause more than they’ve helped it. Even Oracle, now, will have the OpenLibre folks to refer to “those nutty open-source guys” when it’s talking with an IT manager and s/he’s explaining why s/he never before took OpenOffice seriously. Oracle’s ownership of OpenOffice will, ultimately, give it more credibility than it ever before had in the eyes of those who run long-time blindly-loyal Microsoft-only shops. Thought I completely understand why they jumped ship, by so doing the now-OpenLibre folks plunged themselves, in the minds of IT managers running blindly-loyal Microsoft-only shops, right back into the world of the “nutty open-source guys” whom said IT managers can afford to ignore.

    They can’t ignore Oracle, though…

    …and Microsoft knows it.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. ^ You have made a very pertinent observation there, Gregg!

  3. ReadandShare

    Jumping in late… but the video compares absolutely nothing — it simply presents a woefully one-sided attack that utilizes scare tactics of the vaguest sort. Lately, I have been feeling sorry for Microsoft being bloodied by Apple on one side and Google on the other. This “comparison” video, however, reminds me once again of Microsoft’s cheap tactics and bullying!

    I realize this TWC article is four years old.. but I can’t help but question the author’s judgment for including such rubbish as a TWC “article”. Why???

    As for Office replacement software, I second LibreOffice as well. But for those who don’t need to build databases… I would steer them toward WPS (aka Kingsoft) Office instead. WPS is much smaller and nimbler than LO — and renders Office documents much more faithfully, in my experience.

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