Take the Microsoft Computing Safety Index Survery

In case you missed it, Microsoft last month released the Microsoft Computing Safety Index, a scoring system of more than 20 steps, individuals can take to help protect themselves and stay safe online.

The MCSI tallies points for user behaviors considering installing and updating of antivirus and firewall software regularly; controlling online personal information,  creating strong passwords, using automatic updates, etc.

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The more you do these, the more will be your score.

At the end of the survey, you will be presented with your score. 100 is the highest rating possible.

Click here to take the survey from Microsoft.

A score of less than 20 indicates you may not be taking the most basic of security steps to stay safe online.

Anything between 20 – 79 indicates that  you have the basics covered, but opportunities exist to learn about new and emerging threats, particularly in the social realm.

A score above 80 inidcates that you are well-aware of the various threats-both existing and emerging-as well as the steps necessary to help guard against them.

For more information visit Microsoft Security.

Do take the survey and let us know how you fared! 🙂

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