Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite – Review

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  1. When are the smart businesses going to realize that all these technology VPs/Execs are outsourcing Email just to put it on their professional resume? “I took XYZ-business into the cloud and saved millions”. Here’s the truth behind what those VPs really did: “I intentionally led XYZ company down a more costly and less reliable path for my own personal gain. I convinced them that this would be cheaper by looking only at the 1- or 2-year discounted price and we just ignored what the cost will be in two or three years down the road. The cloud provider didn’t really lay out all the pricing up front, and even though the cost planning clearly leaves key issues un-addressed, I didn’t ask about them. Like they used to say in the military – Don’t ask, don’t tell. XYZ-vendor also gave me some great kickbacks and why would I say no to that? After we get migrated into this cloud offering service won’t be anywhere near as good as XYZ vendor promised, and it will cost us millions to email back on premise, but oh well, I’ll be gone by then. Heck my superiors will probably brush this under the carpet because my poor judgement would reflect poorly on them. All is good, I never have to face consquences.” Directors, Managers, Engineers: you’ve likely been with your business for many many years. Do not let some new VP/Exec come in and destroy a company that you have grown to love over the years. Remember, with Exchange, you can always do it cheaper than someone else who wants to be the middle man and do the exact same thing you were already doing before. Corporate Board Members: if you care about your profits, then don’t let your CIOs/CTOs come in and notch their belt at the expense of your corporations investors.

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