Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000: Review

Microsoft’s Windows OS has been making our PCs look beautiful since ages. It’s not just about the appearance but performance also that has made Microsoft grab trust of millions of users across the globe. Same description can go with Microsoft’s hardware range of products like keyboards, mice, webcam and many more! Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 is one such gem in crown that is must for every user who want added comfort while typing. Let us check out why.

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000-2


It may sound ironic but this highly portable keyboard is composed of two parts viz curved main keyboard body and a separate Numeric Pad. Official Website defines it as “Cool Combo” and keyboard’s appearance and durability justifies it. Probably thinnest product designed by Microsoft, this peripheral is 167 mm in thickness (or probably thinness!). This size is little thicker than AAA battery if you are not able to picture keyboard’s deepness. A separate numeric pad, though sounding out of the world, is actually the best part of design. It hosts Bluetooth transmitters necessary for keyboard to interact with PCs and Macs. Microsoft also provides a small and cute fabric pouch that makes sure keyboard’s better-half remains safe and dust-free.

White plastic base, black body and glossy black strip on the top is what adds to the attractiveness of 6000. Don’t judge keyboard’s durability with plastic chassis as it will make you fall on face. Despite of made with plastic material, Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 is highly durable and solid.

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000


Connecting Microsoft Mobile 6000 keyboard to computer is not at all irksome. However, separate setup for curved keyboard and numeric pad is required. For pairing, you have to search for peripheral on computer, input a key provided to authenticate connection and you are done! Sadly, this device doesn’t come with a separate dongle. So if computer of laptop you are using is not Bluetooth enabled, buying separate dongle is advisable.

Excellent Typing Experience

For a small keyboard, featuring 355 mm in width, curved shape provides added functionality while typing. However, one might take a considerable amount of time in getting used to, with this out of the world shape. The problem especially persists with middle located keys like G, H, etc that are wider than usual. This curved surface makes your wrist get positioned in perfect angle to avoid cramps and pain. It is arrangement and compactness of keys that assure accurate and fast typing making things go easy.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

Keyboard hosts 2 batteries each for Numeric pad and curved part with long-lasting battery life. The peripheral is no doubt excellent fit for your computer. It is priced at $90 approx and can be bought from Microsoft Official Website.

Do you already own one? Let us know your experience about it in comments!

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