Microsoft Bingo game for Windows 10 Review

When it comes down to video games, good ole Microsoft does this very well. The company has been creating video games long before the Xbox, but it got even better on doing it after the Xbox.

One of the most fun games Microsoft brought to the world in recent times is a game for Windows that is called, Microsoft Bingo. It’s a free-to-play title with micro-transactions of course. Every free game these days are riddled with micro-transactions, so why not a Microsoft title?

microsoft bingo

Microsoft Bingo game for Windows PC

The first thing players will notice, is how small the game is. It’s just over 2MB in size, so it should not take long for anyone to get it on their computer system. Furthermore, the game is only available via the Windows Store, so you’ll need Windows 10 to play it.

After the game has been downloaded and installed on your computer system, it will request to log into your Xbox Live account. We’re guessing if you do not possess one, the system will likely require this to be done before going further.

Now, the reason why Microsoft Bingo is so small is because it is an online-centric video game. Each and every Bingo match we played was done with other players. There’s a computer voice in the background that calls out the numbers, and as expected for those who know how Bingo is played, the player must find the number and choose it.

Whenever a single row is filled out with selected numbers, click on the word “Bingo” to win the game. It a straight forward affair with this thing, and shouldn’t be too difficult for classic Bingo players and those new to the game.

Still, this version of Bingo from Microsoft is different in many ways, but the core game-play is the same.

When playing the game for the first time, gamers should notice a set of icons at the top. From left to right, these icons are Tickets, Keys, Powerups, Coins and your current level.

Tickets are needed to play a game. The game kicks you off with 30 tickets, and each game cost 3 of these to play. As you progress further, it will cost even more to play. The game replenishes tickets 1-by-1 automatically every 5 minutes, but if you do not have enough, then you’ll be required to use reach cash to get more.

When it comes down to the Keys, well, they are for opening luggage cases to gain access to goodies. Luggage is obtained while playing the game though you’ll come to realize that there are more keys in your inventory than the amount of luggage one might get at the end of each game.

Gold is also another Microsoft scheme to make money. They can be bought in the built-in store for $1.49 to $49.99. Gold can be used to purchase Power ups, which can then be used during a game to give the player the edge. Gold can also be used to buy Keys, and we suspect as the game progresses, users will have more luggage in hand than keys to open them.

It is possible to get free Gold by watching a 30-second advertisement.

We’d like to say we had fun with Microsoft Bingo, but we didn’t. Too many advertisements and the fact that I require an Internet connection just transformed it into a deal breaker.

Still, for those who love to play Bingo games, this is the best title at the moment via the Windows Store on Windows 10.

Download the Microsoft Bingo game from the Windows Store.

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