All you need to know about Microsoft Band guided workouts

Regular running or jogging has immense health benefits. It helps you strengthen your muscles, improve stamina build immunity and strong bones. Hence, for some it’s not just an activity or exercise but a way of life. Interestingly, you can track improvement in all these qualities and calibrate via a simple wrist-band tool – Microsoft Band 2. You can take advantage of Microsoft Band’s guided workouts to hit the ground running. All you require to achieve the target is 2 things-  Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Health app.

Microsoft Band guided workouts

If you have Microsoft Health app installed on your Lumia device you can use it to discover a running plan. To do so, simply head to settings (top left) > find a workout > browse by type > Running.

Microsoft Band guided workouts

Instantly, you will be presented with a variety of running workouts schedule ranging from workouts for beginners to advanced runners. If you’re a beginner, it is advisable to opt for easiest and less time-intensive workouts – “the anti-treadmill cardio workout.”

The sort of workout is composed of five circuits. Each circuit begins with a three-minute jog for warm-up, followed by a couple of minute long exercises like,

  1. Sprinting (running short distance at great speed)
  2. Walking high knees
  3. jumping jacks
  4. one-legged squats and more.

If you’re a regular or an advanced runner, chose “Spring Running III” workout, which lasts for almost an hour and helps boost endurance and increases fat loss. For over three weeks, you’ll be expected to walk and jog for the warm-up, then run 6,400 meters for the main exercise. After that, do the cool-downs to make sure your muscles recover properly.

Once you are confirmed about a training plan, it’s time to sync it to your Microsoft Band by tapping “make this your workout plan.”

To do so, activate your Microsoft Band guided workout by swiping left on the screen to find and tap the Guided Workout Tile. The tile is represented by a dumbbell and a clipboard.

A double tap on the action button will start your workout and the screen will go live with all sorts of animations – stats showing heart rate, countdown, duration, and more. When it’s time to change activities, your Band will oscillate to wake you up. This feature is particularly useful as you don’t have to look at your wrist every time.

When your exercise is complete and your heart pumping faster, check out how well you performed using the Microsoft Health app on your Lumia or Surface, as well on the web dashboard.

If you haven’t got your phone with you, you can also check out some of the basic stats, such number of calories burned, heart rate (average and peak), and workout duration.

heart rate

That’s it!


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