Microsoft Arc Keyboard: Review and Verdict

Microsoft Arc Keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most attractive wireless keyboards out there in the market. With its lightweight and comfortable design, it is certainly a must-have Microsoft hardware. However, the price tag reads $60 – and this can make one think twice before buying it. Also, the arrow keys are merged into one 4-way key that sits in the right bottom corner. However, this accessory is worth buying if you are home user. Check out why!

Microsft Arc Keyboard

Designed For Portability

Typing experience on this device is pretty good. With flat laptop-styled keys, one can easily produce recognizable words per minute count. Its curved shape provides more comfort to position of palms making you type faster and more accurately than expected. Typing is most of time noiseless unless you smash keys too hard in excitement. The minute error, however, can be seen with the space bar, that needs to be pressed harder than usual, to avoid red-line typos in Microsoft Word.

With a view to making it shorter and portable, Microsoft has made one important change to the usual keyboard prototype. Four arrow keys that we are used to, on any keyboard, have been merged into a one 4-way key. Even if you are not a hardcore gamer, this change is irksome. For those who play games where directing game character is important, this keyboard is not at all useful.


The usual positions of keys like “Home”, “Page Up”, “Page Down” and “End” have been changed. These keys are now can be found sitting on the top row along with function keys. Volume control is also present. However, the device lacks play/pause and other audio control keys. Arc Keyboard is unbelievably light to carry. It can easily fit into your bag so that you won’t miss its comfort wherever you go.

2.4 GHz Transceiver

Flip your Microsoft Arc Keyboard and there you will find a transceiver resting in a small magnetic pit. This device is capable of doing much more than what you can think of. It is purposely fit into the bottom of keyboard so that can be carried along with.

This tiny 2.4 GHz clocked piece of dongle is powered with two AA batteries. As soon as it is plugged into your computer’s USB port, it installs all necessary drivers to make Arc work efficiently. No installation CDs or long timed setup. It is just a matter of few seconds between plugging in dongle and using Arc for desirable device.


A little playing along with Arc is possible with IntelliType Pro. It can allow you to set functioning to the keys or change default one. One can also change key sensitivity using IntelliType Pro.

For using Arc Keyboard along with devices like iPad, an adapter is necessary as this tablet lacks USB port.


Microsoft Arc Keyboard is undoubtedly very useful when it comes to wireless keyboards. It is among the best in its class. Being portable, it is easy to carry around. However, Microsoft’s little tinkering with pre-set keyboard design prototype can make you take longer time to get along with Arc. With a price tag of $60, it is not in budget of everyone, but if are going to use it a lot and carry it around a lot, then buying ii could be a good idea.

microsoft_arc_keyboardYou can buy it from official Microsoft Web Site.

Anyone using it? We’d be happy to hear your experience with it.

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