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Microsoft Announces Availability of Internet Explorer 8

Mar 19th, 2009. Microsoft today, announced the availability of Windows Internet Explorer 8, the new Web browser that offers the best solution for how people use the Web today. It can be downloaded in 25 languages at IE Website starting at noon EDT on March 19.

“Customers have made clear what they want in a Web browser — safety, speed and greater ease of use,” said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “With Internet Explorer 8, we are delivering a browser that gets people to the information they need, fast, and provides protection that no other browser can match.”

Internet Explorer 8 makes great strides in both feature set and performance improvements. The result is faster day-to-day browsing. Here are the ways Internet Explorer 8 makes browsing faster and easier:

Smart Address Bar. The Smart Address Bar makes it easier for people to locate the sites they want to visit. It does this by efficiently matching what a consumer types into the Address Bar with titles in their History and Favorites, without duplicates.

Tab Groups. Tab Groups allow consumers to quickly discern which tabs have related content. When clicking on a link within one tab spawns another, the new tab is placed next to the originating tab, and both tabs are marked with a color.

Redesigned “New Tab” Page. The “New Tab” Page in Internet Explorer 8 has been redesigned to allow people to perform common tasks by clicking on links on the page.

Reopen Last Browsing Session. For those who accidentally close the browser or experience a crash, Internet Explorer 8 enables people to reopen their last browsing session from the most recently closed instance of Internet Explorer 8.

Enhanced Find On Page. Find On Page functionality has been enhanced to improve how consumers search for text on Web pages.

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