Microsoft announces automatic updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has just announced an automatic upgrade process for its browser, Internet Explorer. This was long overdue since the update process was considered to be a mess by many. Microsoft shall test this automatic update process first in Brazil and Australia in January 2012 and then move ahead with  other countries.

The automatic update procedure for Internet Explorer shall be done via Windows Update and shall happen for those users who have automatic updates enabled on their respective systems.

Microsoft had recently started an initiative to reduce the user base of Internet Explorer 6 to 0% and is fiercely recommending users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 for a safer, faster and richer browsing experience. However, more than 35% of web users still have Internet Explorer 8 as their primary browser while some 18% use Internet Explorer 9.

However, Microsoft wants to maintain the right balance for consumers and enterprises – getting consumers the most up-to-date version of their browser while allowing enterprises to update their browsers on their schedule. This implies, if a user does not wish to subscribe to automatic updates, he/she can use the The Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 Automatic Update Blocker toolkits which prevent automatic upgrades of Internet Explorer for Windows customers.

According to Ryan Gavin, General Manager – Internet Explorer Business and Marketing:

Customers who have declined previous installations of IE8 or IE9 through Windows Update will not be automatically updated. Customers have the ability to uninstall updates and continue to receive support for the version of IE that came with their copy of Windows. And similar to organizations, consumers can block the update all together and upgrade on their own. Finally, future versions of IE will provide an option in the product for consumers to opt out of automatic upgrading.

Microsoft seems to be treading on the right path when it comes to managing Internet Explorer.

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