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Microsoft Account protection: Login and security tips

The Microsoft Account is an online account that you use to sign in, into your,, and other email IDs. It can also be used to sign into other Microsoft services and devices like XBox Live, Windows Phone and so on. Windows 8 can also use it to sign in to their computers.  It is therefore imperative that you protect your Microsoft Account and keep it secure.

Microsoft Account protection

Here are a few things you can do to help protect your Microsoft Account.

1] Goes without saying, create a strong password. Better still, create stronger passwords and passphrases using ASCII characters, as having a strong password is very important. Do not use the same password everywhere. You can Check your password strength using Microsoft Password Checker or Password Security Scanner.

2] Enable 2-step verification in Microsoft Account. A 2-step verification means that Microsoft will ask you for two pieces of information anytime you access your account. For instance, it could be your password plus a code that would be sent to your registered phone or email.

3] Enable additional Security Features for your Microsoft Account. Keep a watch on your Recent Activity, make use of the Recovery Code and opt to receive Security Notifications.

4] Make your regular Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC. When you decide to dispose of it, remember to remove it as a Trusted PC.

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5] Add the required Security Information to your account and ensure that it is always up-to-date. You will get this setting under Password and security info.

6] Stay alert and keep away from and avoid Phishing Scams, that may ask you to visit a link and enter your Microsoft Account credentials.

7] Do not give out your main email ID anywhere and everywhere. If need be, create a secondary email ID if you need to give it out to websites, e-Letters, subscriptions, etc.

8] You might want to also harden Microsoft Account Privacy Settings.

9] Also check out these basic general tips to secure and protect your email accounts.

If you have any more tips to add, please do so in the comments section.

This post will help you if your Microsoft Account is hacked. If you Microsoft Account is blocked, this is the way to go about recovering a suspended Microsoft Account.

Stay safe!

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