Browse the Windows Store in browser with MetroStore Scanner

Given the limitations of searching for a Windows Store app from a device which doesn’t run Windows 8 / Windows RT, MetroStore Scanner is a welcome change. A third-party website, MetroStore Scanner allows the user to search for an app in the Windows Store from almost any device just by opening its web URL.

MetroStore Scanner

This is a relief for many considering the fact that the Windows Store apps could only be searched upon and accessed via the Windows Store app which comes bundled with Windows 8/Windows RT.

MetroStore Scanner allows users to not just search for a ‘Windows Store’ app but also get to know about its details and its uses. Users can later download the app through a link beside the description which directs them to its location on the Windows Store.

It also allows the user to search for apps using a couple filters, i.e. country and type of apps. MetroStore Scanner automatically updates itself for inclusion of new apps and also displays the total count and the date when the last update was done.

Developed by Peter Sandtner, MetroStore Scanner chips in a lot of help to users who are looking out for information/availability regarding Windows Store apps but are currently not logged on to a Windows 8 device.

Update: The site seems to have gone offline. You can now directly visit to search in the Windows Store using your web browser.

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