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Metadefender Endpoint: Scan your computer for potential security risks

Metadefender Endpoint is a free security tool that scans your computer for potential security threats. The program brings you the most enhanced and analyzed report about your system’s security settings. And also it brings you the facility to remove potentially unwanted applications installed on your computer. This tool was earlier called OPSWAT Security Score Tool.

Metadefender Endpoint Review

When you start the program, Metadefender Endpoint thoroughly scans your computer and calculates a security score. Security Score is a measure of secureness of your computer’s settings. It is calculated keeping in mind a lot of factors which are later discussed in this post. But remember, higher the security scores higher the protection against threats.

Along with security score, the program also displays the number of potentially unwanted apps installed and some other general details about the computer’s configuration. You can head to AppRemover to see all the installed applications. All the applications are well-categorized into PUAs, Security Tools, Backup Tools and other categories. You can uninstall any of them by simply checking the corresponding checkbox and then clicking the ‘Remove’ button.

Head to the ‘Security Score’ from the left menu and a beautiful graphical representation awaits you. The circular graph displays your computer’s score in each security department and the final score is displayed in the center of the circle.

You can click on any of your sub-scores in any category to know more about related issues and how to fix them. For instance, my laptop scored 0 out of 10 on hard disk encryption because I didn’t have any hard disk encryption tool installed and enabled.

And when I go to the Public File Sharing department, Metadefender Endpoint brings up the potential risks that the public file sharing programs can cause.

All the security departments that are scanned by the program have been discussed below:

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Metadefender Endpoint is a great tool which can provide you a detailed analysis of your computer’s security settings. The security score calculated by the program is a very good measure of security of your computer. The program not only displays the security score but also provides suggestion to improve it. The program doesn’t perform any task other than its ability to uninstall applications. It is designed to just point out the flaws in your computer’s security settings. But at times it is likely to give out false positives. You may follow the suggestion and fix those issues yourself – carefully!

Click here to download Metadefender Endpoint. You may want to also read a feedback by a forum member here.

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