Metadefender Cloud: Free security tool to check vulnerabilities & sanitize files

Developed by Metadefender Core, Metadefender Cloud is a free cloud security tool that helps sanitize files, scan for malware, and check for binaries for vulnerabilities, dynamic link library (DLL) dependencies, and common network traffic. This software also offers endpoint management as well as a Chrome Extension for your browser.

Metadefender Cloud

Metadefender Cloud

The highlighting features of the software are as follows:

1. Data Sanitization

A major chunk of the malware on your computers is a result of undetected email attachments that you open unknowingly. Metadefender Cloud lets you remove that malware. All you need to do is upload the affected file onto their tool; Metadefender will then sanitize the contents and make a safer file available for download. This feature currently most common file formats including.DOC, PPT, .XLS, PDF, .JPG, .BMP and .SVG. Their CDR process, which leverages 90 data sanitization (CDR) engines, is unique in the fact it is one of the only few software that supports complex tasks like animation.

2. Application Vulnerability and Reputation Check

Almost every application on your computer or cloud can be exploited by attackers to unknowingly put in malware to affect the entire system. The Metadefender Cloud tool helps search for the exact contents that are used to make applications vulnerable. This is made possible via hash analysis. With information from millions of endpoints, Metadefender Cloud can identify which network connections applications make, which vendors produce which applications, and which DLLs each application accesses. This gives you insight into the processes running on your endpoint, and whether or not an application is behaving suspiciously.

3. IP Reputation Analysis

Using more than 12 IP verification tools, Metadefender Cloud checks the reputation of various IP addresses for being able to identify rogue IPs, outside the typical legitimate network of servers, that can only be identified by IP verification service. So, the tool detects when your cloud is connected to one of these rogue IPs and can prevent you from taking in unwanted malware. The tool helps you live at peace when you know you are connected to a harmless IP, in spite of whatever numbers you have in your records.

4. Multi-Scanning

Scanning your files using one antivirus isn’t generally a good idea. This is because each antivirus software has its own benefits and limitations. So, Metadefender Cloud helps you overcome that shortcoming by using a variety of anti-malware programs and clubbing them together to get the ultimate result. The software offers multi-scanning for up to 140MB file sizes and runs over 40 anti-malware engines at once for a comprehensive malware analysis. You can just drag and drop your preferred file into the tool, and it will quickly run the virus scans to let you know whether the file needs to be treated or not.

5. Free API Usage for Non-Commercial Applications

There is also a scope of free API usage for most non-commercial applications on the cloud. Metadefender Cloud offers demos, although usage of which needs to be commercially licensed.

Powered by five anti-malware engines, MetaDefender enables fast multi-scanning of endpoints for key loggers, viruses and other malware.

You can demo it as a cloud service on your own personal computer by downloading Malware Scanner, which is a free tool built from the MD4SA toolkit using this link. You can also download the release candidate software package by requesting an evaluation.

Take a look at their Metadefender Chrome ExtensionMetadefender Endpoint and Metadefender Cloud Client too.

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