The new Message Center in Office 365

Office 365, the online office and software services suite by Microsoft, has launched a new Message Center for its users. This is yet another addition to Office 365 by its makers since its launch in June 2011.

Message Center in Office 365

Microsoft is working really meticulously to improve their communication with the customers, ever since the release of Office 365 two years ago. Improvement in communication is kept on high priority so that the customers become aware of the changes and updates in the services of Office 365. In order to achieve this smoothness in the communication, a new feature is added, which is the Message Center in Office 365.

Message Center in Office 365

The Message Center in Office 365 serves as an alert for the changes and updates in Office 365. This is a new feature in the admin for communication purpose. Administrators will be informed about the new updates and changes in Office 365 though Message Center. Thus, the administrators will come to know about the new features and thereby the actions they need to take to make Office 365 run smoothly.

This internal messaging system warns the users when the software and browsers become incompatible. The Message Center in Office 365 offers an in-product experience to the users, which serves exactly like the email alerts that the administrators are receiving currently. However, the new feature is more than just email alerts, and it includes the information about new features that are added to the service.

How Message Center in Office 365 works

Message Center in Office 365

As shown in the above image provided by Microsoft, the Message Center in Office 365 is included in the bar on the left hand side of the home page of the admin portal. When the link to Message Center is clicked, a page displaying a visual indication and detailed information about the actions that need administrator’s attention appears. The page also displays the time frame for these changes. Some items listed in the Message Center include communications in the users’ preferred language. The page displays the only the information that is specific to the user’s organization. Overall, the Message Center gives the IT administrator a gentle nudge in towards the directions in which the user has to proceed.

Message Center in Office 365 is yet another addition to the list of the latest features found in Office 365. Office 365 has flooded with some of the most user-friendly features after the integration of Windows 8 OneNote, SharePoint, Yammer and Power BI, a business intelligence tool. Microsoft claims that the new feature will add nearly $1 billion to the company’s treasury annually.

Microsoft has promised more enhancement to this feature as well as other features to be added to the Office 365 suite. It will be very interesting to know what more improvements will Microsoft add to the Message center in Office 365!

Update: Office 365 Message Center gets two new features. Message Center is now being included in the service overview dashboard of admin landing page. Office 365 admins will now receive the messages in Message Center instead of inbox.

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