Merge your Google Chrome tabs with ChromeSplits Extension

Merging tabs can be really helpful if you are browsing the internet for multiple things. With ChromeSplits extension for Google Chrome,  it becomes very easy to manage and merge tabs as per your choice.

For installing this Extension for Google Chrome, head over to this page.

When you install this extension, a pop-up will appear which will say that the extension will Access your Web History, you will have to say ” Yes ” if you wish to use this Extension.

Once ChromeSplits is installed, an icon will appear in your Google Chrome browser in the top right corner.

To start using it, you first click on ChromeSplits icon and then click on ” Open New Tab “

Now you can start splitting the tabs as per your choice into Columns and Rows.

This extension will split your browser’s window into as many columns or rows as you need and would thus be especially useful for researching, making side by side website comparisons and many more things. To go to a new address hover over the top left part of a frame and the address bar will popup.

This extension will however not work with websites that have framekillers or https:// addresses, only http:// addresses work. Unfortunately as this extension uses iframes there is no workaround.

Hope this Extension is useful for people who use multiple tabs!

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  1. Anand from Banking software

    While installing this tool, my chrome was crushed? what i do? How to solve this problem?

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