Meet Mark Russinovich: Technical Fellow, Windows Azure, Microsoft

Technology geeks working on the Microsoft Platform consider him as their icon. They wish to walk like him, speak like him and just be like him, like Mark Russinovich. So what’s so special about this Technical Fellow from Microsoft such that as soon his name is pronounced, an environment of awe and respect follows?

Going down the history lane, Mark took an early interest in programming at the age of 15 and it continued till he received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He ended up in Microsoft in 2006 when the latter acquired Winternals Software, the company he co-founded in 1996, as well as Sysinternals, where he authors and does publish dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities.

His hard work and dedication in his field of work led him to be currently designated as a Technical Fellow in the Windows Azure Group – Microsoft’s senior-most technical position.

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Mark Russinovich also exercised his literature skills in the form of a cyber-chilling novel, titled as Zero Day which turned out to be a best seller, generating heaps of praise from almost every circle of tech-professionals.

Mark came to Microsoft in 2006 to help advance the state of the art of Windows, now in his latest compelling creation he is raising awareness of the all too real threat of cyber-terrorism”  is what Bill Gates had to say about Mark and the Zero Day.  The Zero Day presents a chilling “what if” scenario that, in a world completely reliant on technology, is more than possible today. Mark also co-authors the Microsoft Press Windows Internals books and the Sysinternals Administrator’s Reference series.

Apart from Steven’s keynote on Day 1 and Steve Ballmer’s one on Day 2 during BUILD, attendees and viewers were pretty pumped up and excited about Mark Russinovich’s sessions, twice on Day 2 on “Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud operating system“, and “Inside Windows Azure: the cloud operating system“, respectively. And he delivered bang on. Attendees automatically get up on their feet when he arrives; online viewers start their applause sitting in their sofa itself.

That’s the aura and charm about this young man, aged around 45. About fifteen years down the line, many view this rising star as the top head honcho at Microsoft some day. And very likely, it may happen.

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