Review of MediaFire Cloud Storage


  1. I am also storing all my files on OneDrive but since I don’t have 365, I have 25GB cap (I have been using it for long). But I want to make sure my media files are secure. And I dont wish to mix them up with office files as OneDrive contains only office files. But then, Google Drive was a disaster and MediaFire crashes too much. So it is OneDrive for me too.

  2. If you have a tablet, you can download the OneDrive app and switch on auto photo upload. This will give you an instant 15GB OneDrive “camera roll” bonus. And best of all, you can keep this freebie even if you turn off or even uninstall your OneDrive app..

  3. I use OneDrive for personal and love that fact that it is integrated. I occasionally have sync issues that must be manually resolved. I also use a Business Account where I have significantly more files to sync and I have been fighting that sync constantly. The process gets stuck a lot, if one file becomes a problem it seems to kill the whole sync. Repair doesn’t always work and I don’t want to resync several hundred GB just to fix. So MediaFire is something I have been looking at as an alternative.

  4. Onedrive slashed available storage and Mediafire just said they’re dropping the desktop client.

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