MaskMe: Create infinite number of email aliases & personal data

Data breach incidents are on the rise, be it being done by national spying agencies (referring PRISM) for security reasons or big businesses for tracking a potential customer’s behavior. Our lives are increasingly getting online so, the personal information we furnish may be at a great risk. The information that is often compromised include,

  1. Emails
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Credit card numbers.

Last being most important! What if you could protect these simultaneously? Of course, there are multiple ways to do so but MaskMe extension for Chrome and Firefox attempts to put it all together in a single place.

mask me

MaskMe is a new service by Abine that lets you mask/hide your online identity by creating

  1. Disposable email addresses
  2. A secondary phone number
  3. Virtual credit cards

Add MaskMe to Chrome or Firefox

Simply visit the website via your Chrome or Firefox browser and hit the Add button. Next, visit a website that requires you to sign up. The extension will automatically generate a username for you.


It will also generate a unique, and very strong password for the same.


Just click the notification that says ‘View your password by clicking here’.

View password

Upon being directed to a new page, hit the ‘Show Me’ button to view the password.

password display

MaskMe is capable of offering infinite number of on-the-fly email aliases. The trouble with using your “real” email address is not just tracking. It is possible that the data can be supplied to an unknown website owner without your consent, or it can be stolen by hackers. If you would like to unsubscribe from any of the email ID you created, simply click the “Block” button at the top of the email. The service will stop bothering you for that email id.

MaskMe offers a free version as well as a premium version, which adds the ability to sync data between devices and supports masking of phone numbers and credit card numbers. You can get it for Firefox and here for Chrome.

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