Martview: Free animated eBook reader for Windows 10/8/7

Reading eBooks was never so exciting as it is now with Martview. eBooks have been used for long; right from the primary institutional level up to the professional level each of you have used ebooks and PDF files for various purposes. Now, how about reading them in an innovative animated environment that adds excitement to your reading?

Martview eBook reader

MartView is an ebook reader application that enables users to read ebooks in a full screen mode with an animated backdrop. It makes your reading more enjoyable. This freeware is pretty much compatible with PDF and MART file and is equipped with lots of features to add excitement to your reading experience.

ebook reader

Installing Martiew

Once you are done with the downloading part, the rest of the task is very easy. With just a few clicks you can install this animated ebook reader  on your system. Here are the steps that need to be followed while installing the software:

  1. Run the setup file that is being downloaded on your system.
  2. A welcome setup wizard window will appear. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  3. As soon as you press the button a new window will come up asking you to give the path of the folder where you wants to install the software. Once given click ‘Next’ button.
  4. If the next following window you will be asked whether you need to create the shortcut for the software or not on the desktop. Once done click again on ‘Next’ button.
  5. Ready to install window appears. Click ‘Install’ button to finally install the software on the system.
  6. Once the installation of the software gets started you will be able to see the status also. Once done with the whole installation process you will see the final window showing completion of the MartView setup wizard. Click ‘Finish’ button and start using the application.

Using Martview ebook reader

To start with the application, look for the main menu panel. The main menu will be available when you move the cursor of the mouse to the upper part of the window. So while reading the book it always remains hidden and will only appear on the screen when you want it. The main features that you see out here are :

  • Bookshelf: With bookshelf you can organize your books and folders as you like it. You can have your own cover on the bookshelf. Moving, deleting and renaming of books and folders inside the bookshelf can be done very easily.

ebook reader

  • Flipping Mode: With this mode you will actually feel that you are turning the pages of the book by yourself.
  • Horizontal and vertical slider: You can horizontally as well as vertically move inside the book with the help of the two mode slider.
  • Thumbnails: You can jump from one page to another in no time with the help of thumbnail feature.
  • Index: With the help of indexing features, you can move to any part of the file in just a few clicks.

ebook reader


  • Download and upload free eBooks: Here various types of eBooks can be easily downloaded and you can even upload your own created book to any part of the world.
  • Create eBooks: Here you can create your own eBook. MartView supports various types of file formats like .PDF,.GIF, .Rare, .Zip etc.

ebook reader

While using the application, you can choose between the normal and touch screen mode. There is an ‘Options’ button present in the menu where all the settings related tasks like general setting, keyboard setting etc. can be done very easily and conveniently.

ebook reader

So MartView, an animated ebook reader works pretty well when it comes to reading digitally supported books. The total size of the freeware is 22MB so it does occupy little of space and also some amount of your PC’s RAM while running. It did take time on my PC while loading the application but thereafter it worked absolutely fine without hanging my operating system or producing any other error.

Click here to visit the  Martview home page. Note that its download link may take you to CNET – so you might want to take care and ensure that you not end up with the CNET installer and the crapware it normally tries to install.

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    this app is really good looking. i dont understand why the support for it isnt anymore…

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    Hi, can i help you for your query ?

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