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How to manage Primary Email Address & Aliases for your Microsoft Account

We all know that Microsoft has moved the Hotmail service into Outlook. Outlook has various new features in addition to that are provided by Hotmail, followed by its user-friendly UI. We can use the same Outlook (Microsoft account) to connect our other accounts which helps us to get more personalized experience. So when you sign in using Microsoft Account, you’ll see all the contacts there, on the signed device.

Previously Microsoft had add the functionality to rename or to add aliases to your email account, but there were certain issue using same alias. The engineering team at Microsoft realized that this feature would be meaningless, if you use one alias to sign in and another one to send email, because in actuality, you can’t do that! The team finally announced that you would be able to sign in with any alias, but there was no option to rename the alias. As a result, you have to set one alias as primary one.

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Now, according to the Outlook blog, you can made any of your listed alias as a primary one. So following this, you can also sign in into your Microsoft account using your desired alias. Of course, this provides smarter flexibility for your account and you now don’t need to care much about using alias. This may be good news for those Microsoft account users who have a number of alias.

In order to manage alias for your Microsoft account, head on your browser to inbox and look for the “Account aliases” option in the left pane. After following the on-screen instructions, you’ll be able to sign in with any of the alias associated with your account.

Hope you find the tip useful!

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