Manage paid Skype features using these Tools

We use Skype because of its free Skype-to-Skype video and audio calls. Do you know that, you can make use of many more features if you buy Skype Credit? Now, Microsoft is making it easy to pay for Skype Credit with lot of different payment methods around the world. They offer some tools which allow you to manage stored payment methods, access your purchase history and many more on the Skype website. Now, we will see all the possible options available to manage your paid Skype features usage.

Manage paid Skype features

Adding a stored payment method

If you are a regular user of paid features such as calling phones and mobile or Skype WiFi, then you can choose storing a payment method with Microsoft which helps you to speed up your feature purchases. You can use different payment methods available depending up on your location.

Steps to add a stored payment method:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Scroll down to your Account Details and click on Billing information

Manage paid Skype features

  • Select Stored payment details.
  • Click
  • Follow the steps respective to the payment method you choose.

When you are in the billing information section, make sure that they had the right address for you.

Changing your auto-recharge settings

Rather than subscription if you use the Skype Credit for your calls to phones and mobiles, then auto-recharge will stop dropping your calls if you run short of the Credit. When your credit balance gets low, it will automatically topped up using your stored payment method.

To set up auto-recharge, get to the billing information by following the two steps mentioned as above. Here, select Auto-recharge followed by Buy Skype Credit and you will be taken to the page allowing you to enable the auto-recharge.

enable auto-recharge in Skype

When you do not need auto-recharge anymore, then you can easily disable it right from the auto-recharge page. Follow above steps and click on Disable.

Reviewing your paid feature usage

If you have been using Skype paid feature from certain period, then you can have a look at what you have spent. Skype provides you the option to download monthly statements. You can download these monthly statements from the 5th of the following month and remain available for 6 months.

Steps to download your monthly statement

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Scroll down to your Account Details and click on Billing information
  • Select Purchase history and select the month of your choice.
  • Click Download monthly statement.

You can also download VAT invoices if you are a resident of certain EU member states.

Via Skype Blogs.

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