Malwarelympics: Infographic on Malware Hall of Shame

Like most security companies world-wide, Emsisoft too has been monitoring and analyzing the spread of malware. Their findings have now been put together nicely in this informative Infographic,  which is sure to interest any computer user.

Said Christian Mairoll, CEO at Emsisoft:

We present plain numbers in an exciting way and now award gold, silver and bronze medals to countries with the most infections, malware families with the highest circulation rate and the biggest botnets.” The infographic decorates winners that do not necessarily want to be on the podium. For example Russia gains gold for 9.2% of all the countries’ computers being infected with malware. The USA place second with 8.75% and bronze goes to Germany with 6.03%.

Aside from the country winners, some other impressive malware all-stars have also been  highlighted.

Trojan horses are the biggest of all malware families with 61.27%. Backdoors reach silver with 13.26% and keyloggers primarily targeted at online games take the last place on the podium, says Emsisoft.

Another big surprise: Viruses are total outsiders in the Malwarelympics with only 0.49%.

The most attacked operating system with more than 20 million infections is still Windows. But that is understandable. Windows being the most popular operating system, everyone wants to attack it.

It may interest you to know that the first virus was the Brain virus – created in 1986. Brain was a boot sector virus and only infected 360k floppy disks. Interestingly, even though it was the first virus, it had full-stealth capability.

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