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Share PPT presentations as Video or Package presentations for CD

In my last post  (Part 1) I talked about the how to share PowerPoint presentations by creating Handouts and PDF/XPS documents. You put hard work in making your PowerPoint presentations look professional, but then it is also equally important to be able to effectively reach out to your audience and connect to them well.

Share PPT presentation

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to make your PowerPoint presentation sharing easy by creating videos and by creating package presentations for CD.

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For Creating Video:

  • The first task you need to perform, is to choose the size of the video which you want to make. You can choose different file sizes as per your requirement.
  • Now, the most important aspect of creating video is to set the recorded narration and timings per your comfort and need. You can use the Record timings and narration for setting record timings and narrations.
  • Finally click on Create Video. A window will pop out asking you to choose file location.
  • If everything goes well, then you will see that file has been created successfully.

For Creating Package Presentation for CD :

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Click on Save & Send ->Package Presentation for CD
  • Click on Package for CD. A window will pop out asking you to name the CD and the files to be copied on CD.
  • When you click on Copy to CD it will ask you to ensure that all the linked files are from the trusted source.
  • When you click on Yes, it will check for valid CD and will perform the write operations.

Someone might argue that why would they want to use PowerPoint for creating videos and packaging presentations for CD, but I have only one thing to say and that it is – the ease of use. You get all these solutions under one roof so why use other software for performing these tasks.