Making Math easy with Math Input Panel in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a lot of very useful tool to help you with your problems!  Math Input Panel is one of them. If you use your computer to solve math problems or to create documents or presentations that have typed mathematical expressions in them, Math Input Panel makes the process easier and more natural. With the use of Math Input Panel tool you can easily create very fine written equations and formulas.

Math Input Panel uses the math recognizer that’s built into Windows 7 to recognize handwritten math expressions. You can then easily use it with word processors or computational tables. Math Input Panel is designed to be used with a tablet pen on a Tablet PC, but you can use it with any input device, such as a touchscreen or even a mouse.

To use Math Input Panel, follow these simple steps (showing how to use it with mouse, for Tablet PCs instructions are same but instead of Click there will be Tap):

  1. Click start, type math input panel in search box or go to All Programs, then Accessories and click on Math Input Panel to open it.
  2. Now in the writing area, using your mouse or Tablet PC Pen, try to write a well-formed math expression.
  3. The Math Input Panel automatically recognizes the math expression as shown in the preview area.
  4. Make any necessary corrections to the math recognition if required.
  5. Click Insert to copy the recognized math into your word-processing or computational program (use paste command to put it there).

Math Input Panel can only insert math into programs that support Mathematical Markup Language (MathML).

If your handwritten math is mis-recognized, you can correct it either by selecting and correcting it or by rewriting some of the expression.

  1. Click on Select and correct button appear in the toolbar.
  2. Then select the part which you want to correct. You can also select an alternate appears in the list.
  3. If what you wrote isn’t on the list of alternates, try rewriting the part of the expression that you selected.
  4. Click Insert to insert the recognized math into the active program, or you can continue writing in Math Input Panel.

Math Input Panel recognizes the following math topic expressions:

  • Numbers and letters
  • Arithmetic
  • Calculus
  • Functions
  • Sets
  • Set theory
  • Algebra
  • Combinatory
  • Probability and statistics
  • Geometry
  • Vectors and 3D analytic geometry
  • Mathematical logic
  • Axioms, theorems, and definitions
  • Applied mathematics

It’s more likely that your math expression will be recognized correctly if you complete the whole expression before making any corrections. The more of the expression that you write, the better the chance that it will be recognized correctly.

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