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  1. TCP/IP optimizers are not a good idea for Vista; and I confess that I’ve not even paid much attention to whether they should be used on Win7… I’m guessing not, though (but now that I’ve said that, I feel like I have to go look it up… oy… I HATE it when that happens).

    A product like this could be VERY nice on XP, though. XP tolerates well fiddling with those particular settings. But DEFINITELY not Vista, and probably (until I look it up, or someone else chimes in) not Win7.

  2. I used this program to apply the optimizing settings to my Win 7 machine and I lost all connection through my cable modem to the internet.

    I used the program’s restore system’s original settings button and still could not make a connection.

    Only after uninstalling the program and reverting to a backup made earlier in the day was I able to restore connection.

  3. “I have not tried it, so I cannot vouch whether it works or not.”

    May I ask why you’re promoting it then? At the very least you’re opening yourself up to ridicule. There are many apps that I HAVE tried that I wouldn’t promote, and I certainly wouldn’t risk my credibility by promoting apps I HAVEN’T even tested.

  4. Our approach differs here Doc!

    I cannot and do not try out everything I cover here! I do not promote anything, esp shareware. But I do expose freeware here and present options to TWC readers! If it interests you, you may check it out. If it doesn’t, best to move on in life.

    If my approach does not match with your approach, too bad! 🙂

  5. Sigh! While I acknowledge that each is entitled to an opinion and respect all, I am afraid that it will just impossible for me to try each and every download or giveaway I post about.

    I do not post reviews. I only inform about availability, options and possibilities.

    If I think a freeware deserves mention, I cover it. Period. It is entirely the readers prerogative, whether he/she wants to try out an app or not.

    I think now that we know where we all stand, we should resist from discussing this matter further.

    Regards 🙂

  6. I just counted. 31 pages in the Downloads category with 20 posts on a page. No Andy, speaking for myself, I do not expect you to try out all of the 600 software; just as I do not hold the download sites responsible for every software they host. Keep informing us about new releases. There are some of us here who really appreciate your posts.

  7. Allow me to clarify a thing or two and I’ll revert to silence…

    First, I appreciate Andy’s knowledge, his skills and his desire to share them. I appreciate TWC and I visit several times daily, bookmarking many articles each week for future reference. I further appreciate the good downloads when they appear and the new product news.

    I acknowledge that most of the software downloads offered up here at TWC are basically harmless – if they’re poorly written they simply dont work, hang up, or crash themselves. And when they do, you simply uninstall them and go on with life all the wiser. I should know. I’ve hooked many downloads from TWC, some good, some bad, and some fantastic.

    But this program, OTOH, tinkers with OS settings and can potentially bomb the OS. Just read up a few comments and you’ll see that ‘Cris’ had to restore from a backup to return functionality to his box. And there’s where Andy and I differ. I believe that software that tinkers with OS files and settings that can potentially render a reader’s system useless should be treated with a higher level of responsibility. Even if it’s just a very bold disclaimer at the tail end of the article, like “WARNING: THIS PROGRAM ALTERS OPERATING SYSTEM FILES AND SETTINGS AND COULD POTENTIALLY CAUSE OS CORRUPTION AND/OR LOSS OF DATA”. That alone may be enough to discourage a non-technical reader from trying out a questionable program and causing harm to his or her system.

    I’m fully vented.
    And I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

  8. Honestly, thanks TWC for posting this, no i have not tried it, but whats the harm in sharing? I couldnt imagine TWC to test EVERY software they post about here, thats ridiculous. Like Andy said, its up to the readers prerogative.

  9. Well despite all the comments I tried this app on three different machines and all had faster internet connections.
    Maybe a little less moaning and a little more trying might prove worthwhile.

  10. He did say he hadn’t tried it…So run it at your own risk. I think it is up to us whether to give a certain piece of software a try or not. If you are interested in a particular program presented here, give it a try. If not, don’t even download it. That is what I do.

  11. After this program destroyed my internet connectivity and failed to restore using it’s restore button function, I got the message from Microsoft trying to reconnect:

    “Local area connection 6 doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”

    I was able to fix the problem by running this commandline:
    *netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt*

  12. I tested this software despite all the comments. Have to says they are true. Better create a System restore point before you do use this software because i had to reinstall the NIC drivers to revert the changes back. I lost the connectivity. Not sure what it really do. The Windows 7 troubleshooter doesn’t fix the problem.

    Just to warn “Be cautious before you use this software”

    – Captain

  13. I have been using TCP Optimizer since XP and they finally let out a version for 7, but not Vista. However there is a TCP/ACK patch or two for Vista and 7 as well as how to manually configure all that jazz.

  14. I don’t think it’s fair to cite TWC as being irresponsible for merely mentioning a freeware on their site and they even made a disclaimer saying this program may or may not work for you since it hasn’t been formally tested here. They also posted a clear suggestion that you should create a restore point before trying it. There have been dozens of programs that claim to offer net optimization over the years. Some people have seen some benefit from using them and some haven’t. As other readers have said, this type of software probably works best with older operating systems like XP. Not everyone coming to this page will be using only Vista or Windows 7 so by presenting this software users of XP albeit in the minority maybe can benefit from it. Furthermore, let’s be realistic here. Not every program no matter how stringently tested will produce the same results consistently every time on everyone’s computer. A program that may run smoothly on a tester’s computer may end up causing BSOD’s on another person’s computer. I’ve seen this time and time again with all kinds of software and there are a myriad of explanations for this. There also may be hundreds of incompatibility problems or software/hardware related conflicts that can occur which makes it impossible for any software reviewer to forsee. In the end, I take software reviews as a grain of salt. Ultimately, buyer or user beware and always, always backup.

  15. I would like to thank you for bring all types of software to our notice,ITS OUR OWN CHOICE TO USE ON NOT.Again thank for all your work

  16. I’m a professional computer abuser, i try all types of programs and software want a faster computer without overclocking? here are my personal favorites Ccleaner,auslogics registry cleaner,auslogics defrag, and i use norton internet security sideby side with microsoft security essintials, and outpost security suite free version. i have windows 7 with IE9 both 32 and 64, i also have not changed anything in the services or process’s nor am i useing a tcp/ip changer. here’s what i did do for security and speed reasons; i used namebench,took its info and applyed the fastest dns server it recommended for my service, faster internet, more secure, and no zero problems with my computer. i have an older model w/ xp home and it works well with xp also. is good for checking ping, and upload and download speeds. enjoy, remember to delete flash cookies as well for they are not deleted when you run a cleaner unless you ad it to Ccleaner to clean those nasty cookies that tell all. from an ol man Grandpa

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