Change size and make Tile smaller or larger in Windows 8

There are a lot of new things to learn in Windows 8 – and as we had mentioned earlier, we will start with the basic things. You may have already read our Beginners Guide for Windows 8. In this post, I will show you how to resize, change size and make Aero Tiles display smaller or larger on the Windows 8 Start Screen. This post will also tell you how to Turn off Live notifications, Move them and Unpin them.

The Start Screen on Windows 8, give you quick access to various programs, apps and other functions easily. These apps are displayed in two sizes, one in the small square size, and the other in the larger rectangular size, which is twice the size of the small square tile.

Make Tiles larger or smaller

If you have too many tiles on your start screen already, and want to accommodate more tiles, you can if you wish display the larger tiles in small size.

To do so, right-click on the particular tile. A small check mark will appear in its top right corner. A menu bar will also simultaneously appear at the bottom of your computer screen.

Select Smaller and click on it. The large tile will display insmaller size.

You can also, if you wish, opt to display your small tiles in large size. The procedure is the same. Right-click the Tile and select Larger from the menu bar.

The option to resize Tiles is not available for all the Tiles however.

The menu bar will also give the you option to turn off Live notifications, where applicable.

If you wish to move the Tiles, you can simple drag and drop them to the desired location.

Again, the menu bar will also offer options to unpin a Tile from the start screen.

UPDATE: Windows 8.1 allows you 3 sizes.


Selecting the tile, right-clicking on it and then selecting Resize from the bottom menu bar, allows you to resize them as Wide, Medium and Small.

Tile Color Changer allows you to change the color of the Tiles.

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  1. Alan

    It would be nice if we could change the colour of the app tiles. I think the red, blue, green tiles look awful.

  2. Yes – an option to customize its colors would be great! 🙂

  3. Nanato4

    I would like to make a couple of them even larger and change the color

  4. Mike Hessong

    when I open a program on desktop it opens in a small panel…How do I resize

  5. Windows apps cant be resized, unlike desktop software.

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