MailChecker for Windows lets you Batch validate email addresses

Ever happened that you’ve wanted to validate a lot of email addresses altogether? The addresses can be from almost anywhere. Your email account, old data file or just anything. If you’ve conducted a survey or something and before sending out emails you need to validate the addresses. MailChecker is a mail checked software for Windows PC can definitely help you out. Whatever the source of information be, you can just copy and paste the data and hit the check button to validate all the emails.

MailChecker for Windows

MailChecker is a small yet effective utility that can help you out in dealing with email addresses. You can directly copy paste the entire list of emails from Microsoft Excel. Else you can enter the email addresses separated by comma, semi-colon, colon, newline or even a tab. Or you can copy the contents of a text file instead.

MailChecker for Windows

For testing purpose, I exported my contacts from Gmail and copied the data from CSV file and pasted that into the application. Also, I inserted an email address that actually does not exist. The results were as expected.

All the addresses that were correct were marked to be ‘OK’. And the entry that we purposely added was marked with a DNS error. But there were some issues while connecting to some services. These services did not trust this application and no data was provided.

I had problems connection to the most popular service. While you may face similar issues but the program is expected to be compatible with most of the services. Once you hit the check button, a new window will pop up displaying the validation details. The last operation conducted and the final result is displayed corresponding to your chosen email address.

Once the validation has completed, you can copy all the rows back to Excel. If you want to do another validation, you need to close the application and start from the beginning.

Validate email addresses

Wondering that how does the program validates your email address? Well, it makes an SMTP request to your email server asking for your email address. The server can reply with an ‘OK’ response or a ‘not found’ response or it may not reply at all. If the server trusts the application, it will provide a response. And if there is no mail server listening to the response then you may see a DNS error.

MailChecker is a great application. It is tiny yet powerful. But the application lacks some features for sure. Like automatic import from major contact services. Or the ability to run the validation in the background. Also, some popular email providers do not trust the application. If these issues could be resolved somehow, MailChecker will be better and a lot more effective.

Visit to download MailChecker.

UPDATE: A note on their website reads – ‘The web app you have attempted to reach is currently stopped and does not accept any requests’.

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