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Download Lumia Selfie app for Windows Phone, to capture your “Selfie” moments

Smartphones with front cameras have given birth to a new trend called Selfie. Tutorials like how to take a selfie taught us about the basics of taking a good selfie, later on, came the selfie sticks which helps one to take their photos with wide angle back view. Now, there is a dedicated Windows Phone app named Lumia Selfie which helps one to improve their experience of taking selfies. The increased trend in taking selfies, and good traction received for phones like Lumia 535 has made Microsoft to publish an exclusive app called “Lumia Selfie” on Windows Phone store.

Lumia Selfie app for Windows Phone

Lumia Selfie is an exclusive Windows Phone app for taking self portraits using the phone’s front or main camera and lets you share them with your friends. The app enables you to easily capture the perfect picture of yourself, automatically enhanced and ready to share. One can use a Treasure Tag accessory as a remote shutter in Lumia Selfie. The application provides option to fine-tune your selfie’s appearance and allows to apply high-quality effects.

However, in order to make remote shutter feature work, your phone requires Lumia Cyan software update or later. The latest software update for your phone, go to Settings > Phone Update. The remote shutter works well when you have the Treasure Tag app version 1.7 or later installed.

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Taking pictures

To start with, there are 3 ways to take photos with the application:

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen
  2. Use the phone’s dedicated camera button
  3. User the auto selfie function

Auto selfie

Use auto selfie to take great photos with the main camera. Your phone beeps to help you get the camera in the right place and then automatically takes takes the photo of you. Follow the instructions to take auto selfie easily:

  1. Look into the main camera.
  2. Follow the beeps to line up your shot
  3. A tone sounds when your pose is ready
  4. Hold still as the camera takes your photo

While trying out auto selfie make sure your phone’s sound is turned on. Turn the auto selfie mode on or off by toggling the button.

Front-facing camera

Tap the camera icon to switch between the front and main cameras.

Use the following additional settings to give a finishing touch to your photo:


Tap the timer to set a delay of 2,5 or 10 seconds.

Auto enhancement

All pictures you take are automatically enhanced. If no face is detected, only filters will be applied.


You can adjust various details of your picture including eye size, skin softness, skin tone, face shape and teeth brightness. You can even play around with the shape of a smile.


You can apply various special effects to your pictures

Save and Share

You can save your pictures and then share them with friends and family.

Download Lumia Selfie app

You can download the Lumia Selfie app from the Windows Phone Store.

Do share your feedback and thoughts about the application.