Lumia Cinemograph lets you capture live photo from Windows Phone

Lumia Cinemagraph is probably the finest image capturing tool for Windows Phone, which is obtainable for nearly all currently running Windooes Phone editions, including Windows Phone 10. Usually, a typical Lumia mobile has the benefit of a good camera. People often opt for Windows Phone because of the camera and camera features.

What is Lumia Cinemagraph

In simple words, Lumia Cinemagraph is actually a camera feature of Lumia mobiles. Some Lumia mobiles have this feature as an in-built option and remaining mobile users can download it from Windows Phone Store. Lumia Cinemagraph is available at free of cost.

Generally, we can easily capture still image using front and rear camera of any mobile. But, sometime we need to capture a moving image or animated photo. For instance, you would like to capture a car which is in motion. Naturally, not all Lumia devices can capture a still photo of such object without any blur or haziness. Consequently, you can make use of Lumia Cinemagraph to capture a moving picture of any movable object.

Now, obviously, you can use Recording mode to record the moving object. But, Lumia Cinemagraph helps users to create a 5 seconds animated image. Hence, the size of the image will be lower than a video clip. Conversely, you can export image as GIF by using this single tool.

Features of Lumia Cinemagraph

Lumia Cinemagraph doesn’t contain a huge number of features but all the included options are much needed. You will get the following features in this app,

  • Capture animated photo
  • Choose the exact position that needs to move
  • Add different effects
  • Change loop and speed of animation
  • Keep/delete color from image

Use Lumia Cinemagraph to capture live photo

Before started using Lumia Cinemagraph, you must have to be sure whether you have it or not. You can check Menu to confirm it. If you don’t have this app, you can download it from Windows Phone Store.

There are two different ways to open this app or use this feature. First, you can head over to the Lumia Cinemagraph app in menu and tap on the corresponding icon to open it. Second, open your camera, go to option and tap on Lenses. Then, choose Lumia Cinemagraph from the list.

Lumia Cinemograph-5

Now, your Cinemagraph option is ready to be used. Just focus on any moving object and tap on the screen. You will get a screen something like this,

Lumia Cinemograph

After capturing, three squares will appear. Your mobile will choose the moving part automatically and show your boxes accordingly. Now, just tap on the box to enable/disable motion on that particular area. At last, tap on the Done button.

Lumia Cinemograph

Now, you can add various effects, keep/delete color and do other things. Just tap on corresponding buttons and follow the screen.

Lumia Cinemograph

After doing to the things, don’t forget to save your changes and image.

Export image as GIF

By default, it will be saved as a JPEG image. But, you can easily convert it to .gif so that you can show the animation. To do so, open that image in Lumia Cinemagraph, tap on Option and export gif respectively.

Lumia Cinemograph

If you like, you can download Lumia Cinemagraph from here.

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