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Lumia Black Update – Everything we know so far

Nokia is coming up with a firmware update for its Lumia family – called ‘Lumia Black’. From whatever we know so far, Lumia Black is promising improvements in the operating system for the Lumia family. There is no official changelog available, but here are some newly added features coming up with the update.

Lumia Black is a firmware update from the OEM, unlike the GDR3 update. That means it will be only available to Lumia devices. All the devices from Lumia family, running Windows Phone 8, will be receiving this update by the end of 2013 or early 2014. Let’s have a look at the features this updates pack’s in.

Lumia Black Update

More live tiles

The update is reportedly featuring more tiles on the start screen. These additional tiles will completely fill up the start screen on small devices. However, phablets like Lumia 1520 will surely make the most of it.

Enhanced Glance Screen

Timely notifications have availed on the lock screen with customizable display of the important details of the app on the Glance Screen. Lumia Black is bringing an enhanced form of Glance screen to the Lumia devices. All the devices supported with Nokia Glance Screen after the Amber update can get the benefit of it. The enhanced features in the Glance Screen will allow you to add background images to it and supports notifications of the apps that already support lock screen.

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Driving Mode

The driving mode will guide you through the roads and make sure your safety along. All your calls and text messages will go unnoticed if the driving mode is turned on (making you drive all the way).

Close multiple apps

Multiple apps seen in the app switcher tray could be closed all at once. This is one of the most handy feature for a Windows Phone user where he will not have to hit the back button repeatedly.

Camera Enhancements

This update will add RAW support for the high end Lumia devices (Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520) and numerous new camera algorithms that include tone mapping and noise reduction.

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera app will replace the Pro Cam app after the Lumia Black update. Nokia Camera combines the Pro Cam app and Smart Cam app together as a single app. However, Smart Cam will still exist as an individual app. In addition, the Nokia Camera will have handy interface to switch between presets, and performance improvements. Nokia Storyteller app and Nokia Video Director app will follow alongside.

Nokia Beamer

Demoed at Nokia World 2013, Beamer is a streaming app that allows you to share your Nokia Lumia’s screen in real-time. With this you’ll be able to share almost everything that is running on your screen over the internet to a HTML5 enabled web browser. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Nokia Beamer is already available on the Windows Phone Store for free, but is only compatible with Lumia Black firmware.

Let us know if you have any additional reports about the Lumia Black update.