Lumia Black Update – Everything we know so far

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  1. Ian Crick

    I know you state that it will be available for all Lumia phones, but will this be only windows 8 lumia’s or for people like me with a Lumia 800?

  2. Varad Choudhari

    No, Lumia Black update will be only available for all the Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8.

    Thanks for pointing it out, I will update the post accordingly.

  3. rcr

    my lumia 822 is windows 8 I made sure because my research told me windows 7.5 or lower cannot be
    upgraded,this proves me right

  4. Samit Tandukar

    More Live Tiles, Driving Mode and New Multitasking is a part of WP GDR3 update not a Nokia’s Update……it will be available for all windows phone device but more live tiles columns depend on screen size… other Lumia device like 920,820,720,620, 520 are not getting that extra column of live tile….Nokia Beamer will be available for only high end Lumia device….one of the apps that will be Lumia Black update which you haven’t mentioned is Nokia Refocus lens app which is similar to Lytro….

  5. Ken

    “The Pro Cam app will replace the Nokia Camera” > The Nokia Camera app will replace the Pro Cam!

  6. Varad Choudhari

    Oops! That was a mistake, thanks for pointing it out. Correcting it.

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