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Lumia Beamer: Share your Windows Phone screen on any other screen

Innovations Microsoft has brought to Windows Phones with its apps has changed lives of many in myriad ways. We do not want this to change, anytime soon. One such apps that is being appreciated and used by dozens of users is Lumia Beamer which allows you to duplicate your phone’s display on any screen (large monitor or television) that’s connected to the Internet, having the ability to display an HTML 5-based web page.

Lumia Beamer app for Windows Phone

For displaying the contents available on your phone to a larger screen, Lumia Beamer requires a user to surf to the app’s address on larger screen device. The web address available on the big PC monitor or TVs screen then displays a QR code. The smartphone owners can scan this code with the Lumia Beamer app to display the contents of the smartphone on a larger screen.

The connection, if established replicates your phone’s screen over the display. This works for ‘NearBy’ choice. The other choice, ‘Share Nearby’ requires you to email or message the direct broadcast page link. Please note that the app requires the Lumia Black software update to work.

Once you scan the QR code on the phone or open the direct link, you can to see the device screen migrated to your browser window. The broadcast will not be in real time, initially and for screen you wish to share, you will have to shake the phone. However, if you want instant broadcast, there’s an option for it available.

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Simply open Settings and optimize the settings for:

1. Quality
2. Balance quality and speed
3. Speed

These options can be chosen depending on your connection. Besides, you can add multiple participants to the broadcast and allow them to have access to your screen.


Another nifty feature of the app is that it permits you to broadcast your rear camera video coverage. By using the technique of auto update, you can display a live feed of the scene happening around you.

Try the app and if you have some great ideas to share we would love to hear them in the comments section below. After all, sharing is caring!