An Android lover’s take on Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone


  1. Legit review, nicely done.

    I am a ‘tech guy’ so I hate boundaries, but for people who just want to text, call and browse, cheap lumias seem reasonable.

  2. If u want to use for just text, call and browse the why waste so much money on this phone
    Just use this locost phone . there are meny locost phone in the market

  3. U r the firt person who is saying windows phone is good. Every person who have used this phone says its the worst phone thay have bought . this phone dose not have a good battery backup and not usery friendly. I use to love nokia phones but really have it after using it for 2 days

  4. Actually, I switched to Windows Phone because my Android phone got infected with virus. The Lumia is not bad, and it actually grows on you. But then I suppose its just a question of which OS we have been used to using.

  5. Hey Manish!
    Nice review there. I really appreciate it.
    Just had one question, where you got it for $95 off-contract in India?

  6. That is the official price of Lumia 520. In India, no carrier has tied up with Lumia 520, because, that is how most of the devices are sold here. You can check e-commerce sites like Flipkart,, Snapdeal and get the device for as cheap as 7.5k.

  7. thats what you think not every person, you (foul language edited) stop spitting shit about lumia. if you think its not user friendly cause you’re a (foul language edited).

  8. I have gone trhough lumia 710 and is… terrible!. No memory expanding possibility, camera is really poor, it’s worse than the nokia e72’s which has already several years. You can’t customize ringtones or have different ones for different things: the only rington you can choose is the one for the incoming calls but it cannot weight over 1mb or last longer than 1′; bluetooth? it won’t work if it’s a non lumia device in the other side. I could go on and mention some more, but I think it’s enough already, isn’t it? BTW only excellent thing I see, is the mobile office and skydrive integration. Awful Nokia, awful.

  9. I got a Nokia Lumia 520 For my birthday (today) and so far I cant stand it. I have an android phone, and an apple iPod touch, and I love those systems, but I cant understand half of what i’m trying to do on this thing, and its just too confusing, not to mention doesnt seem to have even the basic features of autocorrect or predictive text, and the ‘user guide’ that came with it basically tells you tu plug it in and go, nothing in the manual was of any help unless you are a first time ever cell phone user. I am hopefully going to send it back and get a proper phone.

  10. The Nokia Lumia 520 is the best phone I’ve ever had. I was coming from an android 2.2. device to boot. Yes the custom roms were great, but not necessary. This phone does everything reasonably well for the price and has stayed ‘fast’ for longer than any other device I’ve owned in it’s price range. It has a good amount of internal memory and is expandable to either 32gb or 64 (can’t remember.) Unlike IOS and Android, a LOT of apps are free of charge. The Windows Store is behind the other two in terms of the amount of content but it’s on the up and up. Over all I couldn’t be happier with it for the price! All hail the return of Nokia! Lol! 😀

  11. bs I love my Lumia 1020… The 520 is only 50$ off contract which is insane.
    No android can touch the 1020, and it gets all the bells and whistles with the update.

    Btw I got the 1020 new off contract for 300$… insanle great phone.

  12. It comes with task killer and opera mini is available, it should have a built in android launcher for small android apps but it doesn´t

  13. I’ve had my 520 for about a year now and no real trouble. It does have autocorrect which is my only real concern. I can type a word correctly, such as “in” and the autocorrect will change it to “on” or “I”. Also it changes “I’m” to “I” almost everytime unless its the first word in a sentence or after a comma. It is a MAJOR pain in the ass, but everything else seems to work well. All other problems, are “app” issues, which has nothin to do with the phone. Only the app developers.

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