Logyx Pack: Collection of 107 classic logic games for Windows

Feeling bored? Try out this classic collection of 107 logic games under one interface. Logyx Pack is a collection of 107 classic mind-sharpening games that involves logic. Let it be Puzzle, PipeDrop or Memory, all the games are nicely built and are easy to operate but a bit difficult to play. The games are accompanied by their hilarious sound effects. Though, if you don’t like them, you can turn them off from the settings.

Logyx Pack


Under the Play menu, games are categorized and organized alphabetically, however, you can even disable the alphabetical sorting and go for simple sorting. All one hundred and seven games are amazing, my personal favorite is Pipe Drop, in which you have to clear all the connecting pipes in the least moves.

Classic logic games

When you play a game, you can locate an Options menu and click it for some game settings. Like – you can change the level from intermediate to hard or easy. You can even change the images in some games. I must say that in some games like memory, the images shown are really very funny. They include some old cartoon characters, which I used to watch in my childhood.

Under the Game menu you can reset the game. The Common menu lets you change some essential settings – like for instance if you want to play full screen then you can do so from the Common menu.  You can even enable short descriptions so that you can get an idea about what you are going to play. As mentioned earlier you can enable or disable game sounds from the same menu. If you want, you can get help for a particular game you are playing by clicking the help option from the common menu.

These Windows games are very nice and can really help you sharpen your mind by applying simple logics. Logyx is a must have the game collection. The UI is really very and easy to operate, but the game are logical. You will feed the need to scratch your head, every once in a while, while playing these games.

Click here to download Logyx Pack. It worked just fine on my Windows 8.1, but remember that resolution of only 800×600 is supported.

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