How to log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone

Facebook is one of the popular social networking websites, which is being used by more than 1.44 billion users in every month. Facebook is popular because it offers cross platform apps and it is completely free to use. You can also download Facebook Messenger to chat with your Facebook friends without logging into the main Facebook website. As Facebook Messenger is available for almost all platforms, you can certainly download and use it in your Windows Phone too.

But, Facebook Messenger comes with a problem. Although, this is not a major issue, but sometime, it seems so. Once you log in to this, you cannot log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone. Although, it has a solution for other platforms those can be used right from the mobile, but Windows Phone users need to do something else to sign out from Facebook Messenger.

For your information, the Facebook app has a Log Out option under the menu, but you won’t be logged out from the Messenger app even if you log out from Facebook app.

To solve this problem, here is a workaround. However, you will have to use your PC. Otherwise, you cannot log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone.

Log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone

Facebook stores all sign in records. That means, no matter what device or platform or app you have used to sign in to Facebook/Facebook Messenger, you can easily check that out from the Activity panel of Facebook. You will have to hit the End Activity button of respective device/platform/app to log out from that.

To do so, open your Facebook account and go to Settings. Under the Security section, you can find Where You’re Logged In option. Just click on that to expand all options.

log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone

Here, you can find different platforms (i.e. Desktop, Windows Phone, Windows, Android etc.) and apps (Messenger, Mobile Browser, Ads Manager etc.). Just click on Messenger and find out your Windows Phone’s season.

Alternatively, you can click on this link to open the same. Now, hit the End Activity button to log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone.

log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone

This is as simple that.

This is the only way to get things done. You cannot use the “Desktop Version” option of Internet Explorer in Windows Phone to open the desktop edition of Facebook because you will end up with the

You should remember the first log in date to utilize this workaround. Otherwise, you will not be able to hit the correct End Activity button. If you click on wrong button, some other season will be stopped immediately.

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  1. Tr?n Qu?c Trung

    Or you can uninstall Messenger from your device and re-install it again …

  2. Jayesh

    Dear sir,

    I was uninstall Messenger from my mobile but when I received any messages to face book it was opend I don’t know how it is possible and I was search every where in my phone but I can’t found messenger or it’s source also, please help me how can I solve this issue…..

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