Liven up your workspace for a better working experience, with these themed Gadgets!

For anyone that does any work at a desk whether as an occupation or a hobby alot of what you have around you can manipulate your mood. I am a prime example. As it is winter time and work is slow I now spend the majority of my days behind my laptop.

That being said there are advantages to owning a laptop, the major reason being portable and if I get bored I can move somewhere else. A lot of time though, I tend to bring the laptop to the desk as I have a 9 month old daughter who apparently thinks the laptop is the greatest toy on the planet and just can’t help herself if she gets into reaching range!

I find my desk really boring! I have the usual, lamp, graphics tablet, portable hdd and my must have speakers for music. What I don’t have is a space that I am happy with and anyone that works at a desk can agree, it’s quite boring after sitting for a bit.

This is where sites like ThinkGeek can help liven your workspace up. I happened to be needing a USB Hub and went looking on the site and found a USB Hub that looked like a person. As I had been told my gadget buying allowance for the month was low (saving up for my WP7  and my GF keeps close eyes on my savings, LOL), I started searching around to find it cheaper and I did find it on EBay for almost nothing.

What I did find after receiving the hub and settings everything up, the little guy is quite cheerful. The one gadget that has a smile on its face while doing its job. Of course it does help to brighten the desk up even if it’s such a small factor, but not only does it make me smile, everyone that walks bye comments and laughs about it.

These little themed gadgets have been around for awhile and I personally found it can help to turn a boring workspace into a little bit more enjoyable. So if you are finding yourself staring at your screen with a frown on your face just wishing to get whatever it is you are doing over with, try adding a little bit to the workspace to help liven things up. Not only can this put a smile on your face and everyone around you, it may also help your work experience!

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