Live Lock Screen for Windows Phone: Lock screen goes live!

Some of Windows Phone users might complain about the simple and straight forward design of the lock screen and yes we used to say it when we we were bored of it. Microsoft recently released a new Windows 8.1 app that makes the lock screen go live and look more beautiful. Earlier in the Windows 8.1 update some changes to lock screen were noticed but this app is based on a different concept and it beautifies the lock screen in an entirely different way.

Live Lock Screen for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Live Lock Screen

To install this new Live Lock Screen app, you may search for ‘Live Lock Screen Beta’ in the store and then hit the Install button. The app comes with five preloaded live designs out of which you must choose the best suited to you. You can edit the background as well. You can add as many backgrounds either from preloaded backgrounds or from your camera roll and then adjust the time interval for automatically changing the backgrounds.

There is an option for Bing Images which automatically replaces the lock screen background with the daily Bing image. The basic functionality of the live lock screen is similar to the default lock screen as you have to slide up to unlock the device.

Each and every detail that was displayed on the default lock screen is also displayed on the live lock screen, there may be changes in the alignment, font or color. Every lock screen design display’s time, date and day. Like the default lock screen, detailed and quick statuses are also displayed.

My favorite design is the one which has revolving circles representing time. For the simplicity lovers, there is a design similar to the stock lock screen but includes minimal fading effects.

Since the app is in BETA there are some issues with the app that you may face. If you’ve installed the app on low end devices then you may experience a bit of lag while unlocking screen and a millisecond pause after the start screen becomes available. Although the app is good and it is something different from the routine lock screen but it has some issues for now.

The Live Lock Screen is an amazing concept by Microsoft, it beautifies the lock screen experiences. Neglecting few issues, I just loved this app and I hope it may get better in the future. Widows Phone 8.1 update is already out for some devices, so if you have Windows Phone 8.1 installed on your device you can download this app for free from Windows Phone Store.

Click here to download Live Lock Screen for Windows Phone 8.1.

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  1. Comment_Cop

    Hey thanks for the heads up its a nice app. the animations are a little slow and the designs a bit rough around the edges but its nice. I like the massive amount of options when it comes to the background pics.

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