List of free Ransomware Decryption Tools to unlock files


  1. With all the goodwill in the world I can not see how ‘Anvi Rescue Disk’ can do any good fighting today’s Ransomware. It is more than 3 years old, and has never been updated. There appeared an awful lot of new Ransomware during that time. I doubt that it can deal with threats that did not exist in 2013.
    I have downloded it, and will try it – with a healthy dose of doubt.

  2. Any luck to decrypt files that have been renamed to numbers.locky? All my documents and photos are now all renamed with numbers and the extension is .locky. Any help is gretly appreciated

  3. Hi – All my files have been encrypted and the names have been changed with the extension .crypz (for eg, 123.jpg.crypz ). I do not have the original files and do not have any back up either. Are the any chances to decrypt the files or restore the original – without making payment to the cyber criminals ?

  4. It is probably the CryptXXX rasomware. To the best of my knowledge, currently there is no way known to recover the files encrypted by the CryptXXX 3.0 ransomware. But you could research a bit and see if you are able to recover some of your siles using some File Recovery software, and keep an eye out for any new decryptor tool that may be released.

  5. somebody please find a solution for cerber ransomware. the file extension is .cerber / .cerber2

  6. any decreptor for .cerber2 extension?
    all my important data is encrypted and i have no backup please help!!

  7. iolo system shield been deleting pictures on me saying infected with locky.eric and idk why as full scan finds 0 infections. I not done anything that would get me infected

  8. I have recently had the same problem 9/19 – 9/22 via the Iolo system shield real-time software and as you running the full scan says zero infections. I have logged a case with IoLo and sent a screen snap of the files in quarantine… called lockyeric.A.|camelot

  9. Sadly Ihave it set to delete them when found though some reason it quarantine 2 pictures today and idk why they were not deleted. Please let me know the results. I got them all on another computer that not on currently so don’t want to turn it on to have them deleted on me

  10. That is the Troldesh/Shade ransomware. There is no decryptor available for it at the moment, but you may try and use ShadowExplorer or some free File Recovery Software to restore your data.

  11. Hi, anyone has any idea to decrypt “.lock” files? I’ve got samples of all relevant files associated of the ransonware. The executable files and etc. Thanks

  12. That is the Troldesh ransomware. There is no decryptor available for it at the moment, but you may try and use ShadowExplorer or some free File Recovery Software to restore your data.

  13. i have a no more ransom encryption .I believe it is called troldesh / shade so could you help me or any advice and thank you

  14. what if you have had pclock variant of Cryptolocker and had to reformat and reinstall the operating system but still have encrypted files on other drives is there any way to get those decrypted?

  15. Sad to hear that… Read that the spora ransomware creates duplicate files and encrypt that file and deletes the original final….. Any possibilities of using any softwares to retrieve deleted items?

  16. I have 2 drives with files that were encrypted with cryptowall 2.0. Any chance a decryption tool out for this? Please help. I have my kids photo’s, thousands of them that I cannot open. [email protected] if you would like to contact me.

  17. Is there any hope/tools to decrypt files that are damaged by cryptolocker. Any help would be appriciated

  18. Hi any hope for Cryptolocker victims ? what tool can I try from this list ,, it seems like option 3 is no longer available 🙁

  19. I started using security software few weeks ago. I actually didn’t know what it does but my brother explained it to me and since ransomware is so “popular” now, and more and more people complain about their files getting encrypted I got scared. But this new product already has two versions, Ransomware Shield 1.1 and Ransomware Shield 1.2! It’s called Impedio Security, they have website, facebook, even youtube channel so you can see how intelligent this software is and how easy it is to protect your data!

  20. anyone see a variant with .AES? There wasnt a ransom HTML or a virus we can see just a text file called Instruction.txt “Hi all your files are encrypted, to decrypt all your files write to us on the mail:…”

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