List and Browse Windows 7 Sticky Notes with Sticky7List

The Sticky Notes application that comes with Windows 7 is pretty sleek a useful, and while there is a lot one can do with it, it leaves many users asking for much more – leading some to look for feature-rich Sticky Note alternatives. Now lets say you use Sticky Notes in Windows 7, quite frequently and you have a lot of sticky notes around. There is no way where you will be able to see a list of all your sticky notes. This is where Sticky7List can help you.

List and Browse Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Sticky7List lists all your Windows 7 Sticky Notes. This app is especially useful, when you have a number of sticky notes and at times, you find that you are unable to find the note that you want. While you can always use Windows Search to search, this handy tool will not only list all your notes about also let you read its content – all in one place!

This app thus also allows you to browse them easily and in a very convenient fashion.

One you have downloaded and installed this freeware, you will have to temporarily stop Sticky Notes application. To do so, right-click the Stick Note icon in the taskbar and click on Close window. Now simply click on Get List of Sticky Notes and the list will be generated along with its contents. You can ofcourse, always now start the Sticky Notes application, if you want to.

Head over to its home page to download it.

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