List and check integrity of Windows protected system files with freeware System Files Lister


  1. And another one! A useful utility, but once again the actual programme and it’s home website are inaccessable, or dont actually exist.

    Does ANYONE at The Windows Club check and verify these articles, and the links to make sure they work or that the programme is actually available/exists?

    All I get when clicking on the link to the programme is IE is unable to display website

    A Traceroute to generates a URL cannot be resolved error, and a ping to that website fails with a 100% data loss and request timed out error.

    A Google search for lists the website but cant open it.

    It’s been like this for the last 5+ hours.

  2. Max: I had checked the site, downloaded and run the app. The screenshot which you see is mine. The site still opens fine for me even now. I have no idea what problem you faced. Maybe that site was down for a while. Anyway, I have now also added its direct download link in the post.

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