LinuxLive USB Creator: An Open Source LiveCD Creator

Linux LiveCD is probably the most widely used portable operating system by system administrators or IT Professionals. For those who aren’t familiar with the term LiveCD, it means LiveCD is a complete bootable computer installation, including the operating system, which runs in the computer’s memory. It may be a USB stick, CD or DVD and works without installing or making any changes to the computer’s configuration.

LinuxLive USB Creator review

LinuxLive USB Creator is widely open-source tool, used to recover data from corrupted hard drive. It can also be useful to remove malware, testing new versions of software, network security testing and so on. There are a lot of practical uses for the LiveCD. But there is a misconception going around that  LiveCD is only for tech savvy people. To be honest, for the most part it’s true, but not always. For someone who is a beginner to Linux and does not want to alter the current configuration of his/her Windows installation, they can then very well use LiveCD to learn how to use Linux.

There are a lot of ways to get a LiveCD install, but most of them include going around searching for 100’s of LiveCD images from different sources and burning it. I feel it’s a little complicated thing to do for average users. So I came across this nifty little tool called Linux Live USB Creator.

LinuxLive USB Creator

The name itself tells you what this tool will do. It will help you in finding the Linux distribution, downloading it and burning it to a USB and making it ready to run as a Linux LiveCD.

I’m listing below some of the features LinuxLive USB Creator offers:

  • It’s free and it’s open source
  • No reboot needed –  built-in Virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux within Windows
  • Support number of Linux distribution
  • On the selected Linux distribution it supports persistence (The persistence allows you to keep your preferences and data even after reboot.)
  • SmartClean & Smart Download feature (Basically clean uninstall & download features in just one or two clicks)
  • Intelligent processing (works with many Linux that are not officially supported)
  • LiLi support hidden installation
  • Cross check the ISO downloaded for possible corruption
  • Auto-updates when a new version of Linux is out
  • Also support IMG format

Creating a Linux Live USB key is then a five easy step process:

  • Choose a USB key or drive in the list
  • Select an ISO file or a CD
  • Choose the size of persistent data (usually between 250 MB and 2 GB)
  • Check the options you want
  • Click the lightning button to start the creation

Moreover, each mandatory step (1, 2 and 3) has a traffic light to indicate its state:

  • Red light: the step has not been carried out correctly, you cannot start creating a Live USB key
  • Orange light: there is a non-blocking problem during this step, you can still start the creation
  • Green light: everything is fine

LinuxLive USB Creator is a nice little tool with some neat features that makes the whole LiveCD creation simpler and easier. I hope you find this tool useful. In the case of any question, comments or feedback do let us know through the comments section.

You can download LinuxLive USB Creator from here. Also check their FAQ, User Guides, additional questions, how-to’s and more under their Help tab.

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    RmPrepUSB is by far the most super live USB bootable media creating software out there. Long story short, if you have one or 100 ISOs on the USB drive, you can boot to it.

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    That said, a mention of other similar tools, right in the first paragraph of a review of any given tool, is useful. For example, in the first paragraph of this review of “LinuxLive USB Creator” could have been something like, “we’ve reviewed other products similar to this before:” and then list them, with links to their pages, here; and then go on with the review, as normal. That would have been nice; and so doing would have provided the link to “RmPrepUSB” that pbrigido believes others should consider instead of “LinuxLive USB Creator.”

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