How to Link & Unlink Contacts in Windows 8 People App

We do not have an easy single source via which we can get complete access to all the stored contacts. The People app in Windows 8 has changed this to a large extent. The app brings together email contacts and contacts from social accounts in one, easy to access and use place.

People app

Apart from that, it allows managing imported contacts equally well by linking them, as many of us have multiple online accounts. The People app in Windows 8 is capable of doing just that! Here’s a way that will show you how to Link & Unlink Contacts.

Link Unlink Contacts in Windows 8 People App

In the People Windows 8 app, you might notice a person having two or more contacts. The situation arises since, you have contact information for that person on different social networks or email accounts (for example, Facebook, Gmail, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more). On most occasions  the People app automatically links these contacts so all their info is together. However, you can manually  link or unlink contacts too.

To do so, go to the Windows 8 Start screen and launch the People app.

Next, from the contacts list displayed select a contact that you would want to merge with another one.


If you are using a tablet device, swipe up from the bottom edge. If you’re using a mouse, right-click within the app.

Tap or click Link. Any contact that is already linked appears under Linked profiles.


Now, if you see the contact you want to link under Suggestions, tap or click it.

If the contact you want to link does not appear, tap/click ‘Choose a contact’.

choose a contact

Next, locate what you are looking for, and then tap or click ‘Add’.

Add Facebook Account

If you want to unlink a contact, tap or click it. The contact will move to the other side and won’t be associated with that person anymore.

Finally, to save the changes made, tap or click ‘Save’.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Peter

    how can I export all my contacts from this people app to my phone? or any other device?
    as I can only seem to be able to do it one at a time.

  2. The Angry Spartan

    I have a similar issue with the people app. It keeps merging contacts, but I have no contacts that are the same person, and the only thing that syncs contacts is google. None of the contacts should get linked at all. How do i disable that feature?

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