This link can crash Chrome browser. Why?

Google Chrome web browser is one of the popular browsers in use. Just recently, a few folks discovered that Google Chrome can be crashed by clicking or pasting a short 16-character string into the address bar. Yes it is as simple as you are thinking it to be, all you need is a 16-character simple URL string of text in order to crash the latest version of Google Chrome instantly.

Although this is not some major security vulnerability, it still exposes the weakness of the Chrome Browser when it comes to handling exceptional strings.

If you are curious enough, try to crash the Chrome browser by the methods mentioned below.

Type a 16-character link and hit enter else you can also click on a 16-character link. We also found out that the browser crashes when the mouse is hovered on a 16-character link. Try hovering your mouse on this link and you will realize how the Chrome browser will buckle down and crash.


The aforementioned trick will just kill your browser tab or in the worst case, it will crash your Chrome Browser. This is found to be happening only when we add a NULL character in the URL string.

Why Chrome crashes

According to researchers, the Chrome crash bug is in fact a “DOS vulnerability” but cannot be termed as a security flaw. The only harm this bug can do is to crash a single tab or even make you lose all the open tabs and windows on the Chrome browser.

That being said, researchers have explained the potential ill-effects of the string, by giving us a relevant case. In case one of your friends tweets out the link it is possible that all the users on his timeline will have their Chrome browsers crashed. The worst part is the fact that this can also happen on mobile Chrome browser.

They further revealed that the browser seems to be crashing in some very old code and is hitting the DCHECK on an invalid URL. Atteka has already reported the bug to Google but is yet to receive any sort of bounty for the same. Moreover Google is yet to release a patch for this crash bug, so till then you can very well keep on playing a prank on people.

You can get more details at

The video below will explain to you how it actually happens.

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