LightMV Giveaway: Create beautiful online videos with premium templates

When it comes to making incredible videos, one of the primary requirement is good looking templates. Creating a video is the easy part; editing is where everything gets challenging. If you are into making videos on a professional level and want to gain access to new templates, LightMV is one of the services to look. The good news is its developers are giving away a 1-year free license to TheWindowsClub readers!

LightMV Giveaway


LightMV a cloud-based video creation platform which lets anybody create videos. The free version offers 360p video download, but if you choose Pro version, you can download videos in 720P. You can create high-quality videos from your computer or tablet or mobile easily. Add your photos, clips, apply some template and you are done.

The Pro version offers production of two videos simultaneously, add a hundred photos, produce with priority, download 720p videos and so on. You get templates for fashion, wedding, business, birthday, family, birthday, holiday, travel, ceremony, graduation and more.

How to create videos using a template

Creating a video is straightforward. Select a template, and you get to see a preview. The preview shows the features available on the template. It can text, photos,  and lastly the duration of the video you can create using that template.

LightMV Template Preview

Once you are sure, select the template to open the video editor. Here you can choose to upload photos and videos. Choose a start text, an end text, and arrange pictures. You can also change background music duration, and fade effects if the music is not according to your liking. However, do remember that once you have selected a template, there is no way to change it.

LightVM Video Editor

Once you are done through the preview, and happy with the arrangement of images, text, and music, hit the Produce button. The video will be pushed in the queue for rendering. Do note the processing will take some time, and so its best not to use it when it’s urgent. Preplan if you want to use this service.

The most significant advantage of using a service like this is that it does not need a high-end computer. All the conversion and processing happens on the server which makes it a fantastic option for many.

LightMV Giveaway Details

To grab this giveaway, you don’t have to do a lot of hard work. Open this link, fill in your name and email ID. Once done, you will get a VIP account which is valid for 1 year. All your personal information is protected by SSL, code signing certificates with extended validation. The usual cost of the VIP plan is $29.95/year if you pay upfront – but you get it free! The giveaway will end in 7 days.

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